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There are roads in this city that have been crumbling for years. A huge chunk of Gordon Street is missing, and has been since before the last election. That's a disgrace. It should not take nine years to fill a pothole.

Of the 32 cities Statistics Canada keeps data on, Guelph is the only one where crime is worse now than it was in 2006. That's unacceptable. It's a failure in leadership, it's a failure to be forward-thinking, and it's a failure to adapt.

The transit system in Guelph is a mess. Change after change after change over the years has not yet yielded a transit system that can reliably get you to and from your destination in a reasonable amount of time. If we want to be a city that works for everyone, then we need a transit system that works for everyone.

Housing prices and rental rates in Guelph have skyrocketed over the past few years, and the affordable housing plan the council just approved has a target (not a requirement, just a target) of 1% of primary rental units as affordable.

It's almost impossible to find out how our councillors voted, and just as difficult to find out where and how the city's spending money. That needs to change.

The students of the University of Guelph make up a huge chunk of our population, and we need to engage with them a lot more than we have been.